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How to use anger to motivate change

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How-to-use-anger-to-motivate-change-lifeworksAllowing yourself to feel a strong emotion like anger is necessary before you can use it for something positive. Anger has the ability to both encourage you to believe that you have control over your future and motivate you to take risks. Shifting the focus of your anger away from external circumstances to what you strongly desire to change within is where an anger therapist would start.

Anger therapist at Lifeworks counseling center help use your anger to recruit the positive shifts you need to make changes in your life. When anger is sustained for prolonged periods of time it turns into negative energy that affect your personal, emotional, and mental health. Unrestrained anger can also diminish your foresight causing you to lose what you want most.

Whether you express your anger or you keep it within you, others around can feed off the oppressive or outward emotion, and they will gravitate away from you. The goal of this form of anger therapy will be to take the evoked anger and transform it into an inspiring passion. Understanding the root of the anger will be a part of the process as well.

To begin, there are a couple of questions you can ask yourself, such as what do I want from my life? What is in my life that I need less of or more of? And in what ways can I help myself to shift my anger into positive energy? Answering these questions for yourself can help create the foundation of the therapeutic plan you and your therapist will create.

Anger is a natural, human response to a circumstance. People who become angry are generally known to be optimistic because the anger arrives as an emotion when an expectation is not met. The emotion of anger is a way to communicate a sense of injustice in a relationship. Reflecting on the reason why you become angry in the first place can help you find a solution to a silent problem you may not have identified.

Also, as contradictory as it may sound, anger reduces violence. Violence is an action, whereas anger is an emotion. Releasing an emotion can prevent it from sitting in your heart or mind, turning into something more dangerous.

Constructive anger can help create solutions for a personal issue you are feeling. When the person who caused the anger is present, the anger is justified and proportionate to the wrongdoing, and the anger is expressed as the first step in trying to solve a problem rather than just venting bad feeling, then you are on the track to shifting your anger to motivate change.

Our Lifeworks counseling center in Carrolton, Texas and our anger therapists in Dallas, Texas, are here for you. Lifeworks understands the sensitivity associated with dealing with individuals who are skeptical of therapy, and we have the proper tools to affluence the process. At times intervening early can help stop the development of any consequential outcomes. We believe that anger therapy can be beneficial for both the individual’s psychological and personal health. Contact us today!

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    So I am always mad at my step dad and I tell my parent that I want to kills myself I don’t know why I am so angry at my step dad and he what can I do so I don’t get angry at him and I f I do he told me that me and my mom and my brothers will not live there anymore and they are just dating not married and I just angry and I say that so yeah

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