Deciding to take the step to seek marriage counseling is not an easy one, and at Lifeworks, we have the tools and techniques to guide you through this decision. There are many reasons why couples decide to enter marriage counseling. One of the main reasons is communication. When a couple stops talking, or when a partner stops communicating, it can be a silent strain on the marriage. Also, negative communication can leave one partner feeling judged, shamed, disregarded, insecure or wanting to withdraw from the conversation. In some relationships, negative communication can progress into emotional abuse as well as non-verbal communication.

In marriage counseling, a couple can open up and speak about frightening issues that they avoid speaking about. Therapy allows for space where there is no judgment, and a therapists’ job is to facilitate an open conversation. These conversations can be about anything from sex to money or even annoying little habits that are being blown out of proportion. With the help of one of our Lifeworks therapists, you may also understand the root causes of some of these issues.

Some couples start to withhold affection as a punishment leading to an imbalance in the relationship. These actions may lead to one spouse to be seen as the antagonist. Marriage counseling is the proper place for a couple who longer is on the same side, and one partner is seen as the bad guy. Another pressing issue that can be addressed in marriage counseling is secret keeping, including the fantasizing of having an affair or financial infidelity.

For some couples, financial infidelity is more damaging than sexual infidelity. These small issues can create a gap in the marriage leading to two people who may start sharing a living space and living separate lives versus working as a unit. When a married couple starts drifting in their viewpoints and day to day life decisions, they may also start arguing over the same issues without any resolve. In this situation, a therapist can help a couple discuss the real root of the issue and work towards a solution that works for both partners.

Every marriage has big-ticket arguments that carry over for months without any kind of resolution in sight. Though this is not an abnormal concern, when these challenges begin to feel impossible and unmanageable, they can create an undesirable environment. Our Lifeworks therapists help committed couples to understand one another’s point of view and help find common ground.

When you begin marriage counseling, you will discuss with your therapist what kind of therapy will work best for you and your partner as a whole. The goal of therapy will be to help you narrate your concerns in a positive manner to improve relationship satisfaction. The therapist will focus on your emotional, physical, and psychological needs to ensure the best therapeutic outcomes for both parties. Here at Lifeworks, we serve the community of Carrollton, Dallas, Plano, Frisco, and the surrounding cities. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.