What is the difference between living a life that seems out of control, stressful, or perhaps mundane or even hopeless and a life lived well?


Satisfaction. Contentment. Peace.

We are in the business of LIFE change.

If you want something different, you have to do something different.


Most of us do not like change and consequently remain in our sometimes disruptive patterns even though we may be aware that without change, our current reality will continue.

Doing is not just about behavior. Without a change in our perspective of self and the world around us, any behavior change is unlikely to remain. True transformation comes with the consistent practice of new perceptions and behavior.

Patterns come from consistent momentary choices made over time to form a pattern

At the birth of every organization are the seeds of its own destruction
~ Mark Twain

In the place of “organization”, you could put “individuals” or “relationships.” The “seeds” can represent the ideas and learned behaviors that over time lead us to patterns we never anticipated.

All of us develop patterns individually, relationally, and/or organizationally. Some of these patterns are healthy; some of them are not. These patterns develop because of momentary choices made consistently over time and are based on a variety of influences. These choices become the habits that form the patterns we eventually establish. Though not easily done, different momentary choices made consistently over time become new habits that form new patterns.

It’s “simple” mathematics: If you change your momentary choices, you change your overall pattern.

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