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How to stay sober when life gets rough

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how-to-stay-sober-when-life-gets-rough-lifeworks-counseling-centerLife has ups and downs, that is just how it is. And a lot of time, through life’s stressors and trials, we as humans have a natural tendency to want to find a way to release. We search for ways to vent or distract ourselves, keep ourselves busy, or to try and just forget about our problems. Unfortunately, many people turn to alcohol as an outlet, a way to let go, relax, and try and forget.

The problem is when people begin to continuously turn to this behavior to try and relieve stress, it becomes addicting; especially if that person is prone to addiction. Trying to stay sober maybe be proving to be difficult when it is during a rough patch that is lasting longer than usual or a trial that one is facing that turns out to be more difficult than ones they have faced before. Sometimes it feels like there is no way out, and many people attempt to make alcohol the “solution.” The issue with this is that alcohol isn’t a solution, but only a temporary “fix”.

It may seem like an impossible task to stay sober during life’s hardships, but it’s important to remember that it isn’t and to keep telling yourself that you can do it. Let’s go over a few tips that will help you to stay strong and sober when life gets rough…

1. Try not to victimize yourself
As hard as it is to not make excuses and do not see yourself as the victim, you need to remember that life isn’t just hard for you. People every day are enduring multiple hardships, and although some don’t find ways to cope, others do, focus on that and remember that you too can be the one who makes it through.

2. Stay focused on the present and the future
Living in the now can help you to stay positive. Try to not think about the past or other times you have failed yourself. Focus on the present and also think about how making the right decision now, will be better for your future.

3. Keep yourself busy
Keeping yourself busy and distracted with healthy activities can be really helpful for staying sober.

4. Follow a routine
Following a routine is extremely beneficial for people who suffer from addiction. Set your plan out and don’t deviate.

5. Don’t test your willpower
Don’t put yourself in situations where there is temptation, as strong as you may be, during hardships in life you may find that your willpower has weakened a bit.

6. Don’t focus solely on your fear of relapsing
If you are constantly thinking about how afraid you are of relapsing, then you are constantly thinking about what not to do. Focus on what you can do instead to take steps in the right direction. Never let fear decide your fate.

7. Remember to keep small goals
Don’t put too much on your plate. Make small goals, take it a day at a time, and come up with steps to help yourself achieve your short-term goals. Eventually, the short-term goals turn into long-term goals.

8. Get active & and take care of yourself
Staying healthy and active will not only help you to stay busy and distracted, but it will actually help decrease any temptations you may have to drink.

9. Try adopting a pet
Having a pet to take care of can be the perfect distraction. It not only helps you keep up your routines, but it helps you escape your head and focus your attention on something else. And obviously, the love you receive from your pet is always a huge plus.

10. Talk to someone
Don’t be afraid to talk to someone about how you are feeling or what you are going through. Turn to close friends and family, someone you can open up to. If you need more help making steps in the right direction, you should consider speaking to a professional from our Dallas counseling center.

When it comes to addiction counseling in Dallas, here at Lifeworks we know exactly what it takes to help you get back on your feet. Let one of our trusted, caring, and knowledgeable counselors work with you to realize the strength that you are capable of. Contact us today and let’s get started on the journey to a healthier and happier you.

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