How to Overcome Social Anxiety

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HOW TO OVERCOME SOCIAL ANXIETYSocial anxiety is anxiety related to anticipating or around a social situation. For most, the underlying fear is of evaluation from others in social circumstances, whether it be positive or negative. When you suffer from social anxiety, your goal may be to stay as inconspicuous as possible. Unfortunately for some, they may find themselves avoiding the situations where they anticipate being anxious or use alcohol or drugs to self-medicate before entering these situations.

Speaking to an anxiety counselor sooner rather than later, can decrease your risks associated with alcohol abusedepressionloneliness, decreased occupational advancement and the increased likelihood of remaining single. If social anxiety is stopping you from doing the things you want or need to do, seek professional help today. Challenging yourself on your own is effective until it is ineffective. Lifeworks anxiety counselors are experts in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and stay up to date on all advances for a drug-free approach to dealing with your individualized needs.

CBT works by focusing on your behavior and what you are thinking about the why and how of your social anxiety. An integral part of CBT is to help you practice approaching social situations and remain in them in order to learn that nothing really bad is going to happen and that your anxiety will subside. CBT can also teach you that you can do it yourself and help you confront your fears. An anxiety counselor will first help you identify the situations that you are avoiding and give you anxiety.

Once the lists have been made and you have accurately identified them, then what? Then you and your therapist will draft a plan that you can realistically follow or change as needed throughout your therapy. With a therapist, you can find healthier coping mechanisms to combat your anxiety without overdoing it. Many times we hear that positive thoughts may or may not leave to positive outcomes, however, negative thoughts will definitely lead to negative outcomes.

At Lifeworks we have the best interests of our patients in mind. Identifying the psychosocial effects of day to day anxieties can be the difference between positive and negative thoughts for you. Becoming the successful and self-determined and motivated person you want to be is completely possible. Social anxiety is not only manageable but treatable. The treatment process may be long or short depending on the reasons for the social anxiety.

The right therapist for you is waiting. With the help of an anxiety counselor at Lifeworks who serve the DFW community, we can help you overcome your social anxiety. Contact us, today if you have any questions on social anxiety and starting your CBT.

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