How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work

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How to Make Long Distance Relationships Work | Lifeworks Counseling Center CarroltonRelationships can be difficult. While all relationships take work, long distance relationships can be even more difficult and require even more work than those that are localized. Although they may sometimes seem more challenging, healthy and happy long-distance relationships are entirely achievable, and more and more people are learning how to make them work every day.

As we have progressed into an age of rapidly growing technology, communicating with loved ones is possible and easier than ever. While we now have more platforms and means of communication, it doesn’t mean we have to put in less effort when it comes to maintaining a happy relationship. If you are trying to make a long-distance relationship work, remember these tips.

Plan well and be mindful of one another’s schedule

Spontaneity doesn’t seem to work as well with long-distance relationships. Many times, you are on very different schedules. Whether it be work or school, sleeping times, or even time zones, remember to be mindful of your partner’s schedule as well as ask that they do the same for you. Try to plan times to talk. This is will help to prevent disappointment or lack of attention from your loved one.

Ensure you both want the same things

Before going into a long-distance relationship, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page. Have an open conversation about what you want, your goals (together and apart) as well as where you want to end up (together and apart). This long-distance relationship will have a better chance of surviving if you know what each other wants from the get go.

Don’t solely have a relationship with your technological devices

As communication relies heavily on your devices, it can be difficult to not start associating that device as your relationship. Keep some tangible realness to your relationship by incorporating relationship-related things other than your smart device. For example, don’t hesitate to send each other care packages, letters, or postcards, etc. The goal is to keep something tangible nearby that reminds you of your partner.

Keep your conversations of quality

While being in a long-distance relationship can sometimes mean less communication, this means that when you do have the opportunity to talk you should try and keep the conversation of quality. Talk about your personal goals, hobbies, and favorite foods. Anything that gives you a better knowledge of who your partner is as a person.

Make your partner a part of your daily life

You may not always have the opportunity to share things with your partner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make them a part of your life. Take pictures of things you want to show them. It can be your dinner or a picture of your face but send these pictures whenever you do have the chance to have a proper conversation. Take note of things that happen throughout the day so when you do have a chance to talk you are able to check back to your notes and remember what you wanted to share.

Remember to still focus on you

Keeping yourself happy is a huge part of keeping your relationship happy. Don’t lose sight of yourself and your goals and things that make you happy. While you will have to make sacrifices here and there, don’t put your life on hold to make your relationship work. The success and happiness of yourself and your life will directly translate to your relationship, so don’t forget to focus on you as a separate entity of your partnership.

Stay positive

While long-distance relationships can be difficult, try and focus on the positives. It can be easy to find the negative aspects of being apart, but remember there are also positives. It gives you the change to truly find yourself, achieve your goals, and grow stronger in your love and trust for one another. It gives you an opportunity to truly appreciate each other more and prioritize what counts.

Don’t let your mind wonder

Sometimes distance can make for a more difficult situation when it comes to trusting your partner to physically stay true to you. Although it can be more difficult, don’t let this become a focus. Don’t let your mind wonder or overthink and don’t let any worry you may have fuel or motivate your conversations or actions.

Look at yourself

Remember a relationship takes two to tango. Don’t focus too much on something your partner may not be doing right while ignoring you also have faults. Try to improve yourself in the relationship first and don’t focus so much on what your partner could be improving on.

Relationships are hard, long-distance or local. If you and your partner are struggling to find a healthy and happy balance, you may want to consider relationship counseling. Having a professional third-party can work wonders in healing and helping a relationship to grow and prosper. Here at Lifeworks, we are a highly recommended Carrolton therapy center that wants to help. If you have questions or would like to schedule a consultation, contact us today.

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