I’ve hit rock bottom. HELP!

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I’ve hit rock bottom. HELP!Hitting rock bottom means different things for different people. Lifeworks counselors in the DFW have spent countless hours helping and researching the many ways any one person can find their way up from rock bottom.  Taking steps towards happiness is an initial step. At times, we forget what makes us happy, especially if we have not done it in a long time.

Adding happiness to your life, even in small ways like a manicure or bird watching, can increase stability and predictability while decreasing chaos. The daily flow you follow is a big player in how you can break bad patterns and find positive ones to find your way up. Creating a flow that allows you to take a mental break will help promote positive thoughts.

This takes time, so when you begin the therapeutic process, your counselor will set up a plan that works for you while adjusting to your needs as time passes. Throughout your days of finding your way back up, there will be issues that will arise and possibly nag at you. Some of these issues may help the therapeutic process, allowing you to see what it is you are holding on to.

At this point, it is a good idea to identify these thoughts, concerns, or ideas, and find a solution that fits. It is human nature to mourn the “what could be’s,” so it is important to identify opportunities and take them for what they are. Living in the moment is just as important as thinking about the future, nevertheless, it is okay to accept that no one person can have it all and we make mistakes and misjudgments.

Acceptance of your own flaws and faults is a pretty big accomplishment. The reason why you hit rock bottom may not be as important as what you do afterwards. Whether you have lost all your money to a bad deal, lost your family in a bad divorce, or been fired from your dream job, there is a way to find solace in every situation and make it better for yourself.

A counselor’s job begins and ends with their client’s overall well-being. Therapy is a way to target your mental, social, personal, and emotional health. Aside from feeling the intense pain, fear, and anger associated with the feeling of hitting rock bottom, finding a small sliver of hope is possible. Having compassion for oneself is, in actuality, more difficult than we think it is. With the daily stressors of functioning, it can be natural to blame yourself, but don’t give up on yourself.

Taking responsibility is important, of course. Realizing that you do not have the ability to micromanage everything that happens in your life will help relieve some unnecessary stress. Refocusing your energy on what is in your control can be a great foundation for finding your way out of rock bottom.

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