International Day of Happiness – March 20th

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Join Millions Across the World on March 20th

International Day of Happiness – March 20th - Lifeworks Counseling CenterCelebrating happiness seems to be seen as a bit childish. After all, kids sing songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It” all the time. However, it is an essential part of human life and should be something that every man, woman, and child on Earth strives towards. While it may not be possible to achieve happiness every day, it is admirable to support others in experiencing happiness as often as possible. Many view happiness as an essential and guaranteed human right, which is why the United Nations (U.N.) established International Day of Happiness on March 20th back in 2012.

The first International Day of Happiness was celebrated on March 20th, 2013, and has only grown with each passing year. The U.N. established this day as a way to appreciate how relevant happiness and well-being are as goals and ambitions for people all over the globe and how critical it is that happiness is recognized in public policy objectives. This day highlights that progress isn’t just about improving our bottom lines and boosting economic growth but also the happiness and well-being of the citizens of the Earth.

Join Lifeworks Counseling Center, the United Nations, and the billions of people across the globe in celebrating International Day of Happiness on March 20th.

How It Started 

As we mentioned previously, the General Assembly of the United Nations established the International Day of Happiness on March 20th when all 193 member states adopted the resolution 66/281 and in the spirit of resolution 65/309. In each, they state that “happiness is a fundamental human goal.” People from all walks of life all over the world aspire to achieve happiness. The U.N. recognized that the gross domestic product indicator does not adequately reflect the overall happiness and well-being of people in a country. After all, the 2019 World Happiness Report found that economic growth does not guarantee a rise in happiness.

International Day of Happiness acknowledges that there is an evident need for “a more inclusive, equitable, and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes sustainable development, poverty eradication, happiness and the well-being of all peoples.” The basis of this day is to focus on the fact that the U.N. has established that happiness is a “fundamental human goal” and should be as much of a priority as economic opportunities.

Bhutan is the country that first inspired the United Nations. Bhutan has been a country that truly accepted the importance of national happiness. The country has been valuing it over national income since the early 1970s. Bhutan famously declared that “gross national happiness is more important than gross domestic product.” They essentially stated that sustainable economic progress should take a holistic approach while giving priority to non-economic aspects of wellbeing.

How to Celebrate 

International Day of Happiness is one of the easiest holidays to celebrate. After all, who wouldn’t want to celebrate a day prioritizing being happy?! Thankfully, the U.N. launched the “TEN Steps to Global Happiness” in March 2019, laying out several different ways you can celebrate global happiness and spread the word about International Day of Happiness.

  1. Tell Everyone. Obviously, the easiest way to spread the word about International Day of Happiness is to simply just tell people about it! On March 20th, as you interact with people, wish them a Happy International Day of Happiness! Face-to-face interactions are often the best way to spread happiness and joy. After all, smiling initiates a chemical reaction in your brain that makes you feel happier! Smiling is also contagious, so if you smile while telling someone about this day, then so will they, boosting their happiness!
  2. Do What Makes You Happy. Another fairly obvious way to celebrate this day is to do what you love to do. Whether you love to read, exercise, sing, dance, or spend time with friends and family, take this day to do those things. Invite your loved ones to engage in activities you all enjoy and let the positive energy surround you.
  3. Pledge to Create More Happiness in the World. On International Day of Happiness’ site, they have an area where you can pledge with the millions of people across the globe to create more happiness.
  4. Celebrate All Month. You don’t have to just celebrate on March 20th! You can celebrate all month long. The U.N. has provided several different events you can engage in throughout March. 
  5. Share. Take to social media to share your happiness with the world. There are countless hashtags you can use to share and see others’ happiness, as well. 
  6. Promote the Resolutions. We mentioned earlier that the General Assembly of the United Nations Established two resolutions, which declare happiness a fundamental human right and goal. Take this day and month to share these resolutions with those around you. 
  7. Host Your Own Event. You don’t have to adhere to someone else’s event on March 20th. You can submit your own through the U.N.’s site, and hopefully, others around the world will join you!
  8. Advance the Global Goals. Along with happiness, the U.N. also established 17 Global Goals of Sustainable Development to establish a better and more sustainable future for everyone. These goals tackle poverty, inequality, climate change, peace and justice, and much more.
  9. Post the Badge on Your Social Media Pages. Post one of the many International Day of Happiness badges to your social media accounts to let your followers know you are celebrating this day.
  10. Celebrate Earth Day. One of the major points of International Day of Happiness is ensuring the overall well-being of all life on Earth, not just humans. That means we need to be taking better care of our planet. That’s why the Global Goals of Sustainable Development are recognized on March 20th. Earth Day (April 22nd) is a day to advance these goals, so even after this holiday is over, continue through to Earth Day and beyond.

Join Lifeworks

Lifeworks Counseling Center understands the importance of prioritizing overall well-being and happiness. When someone struggles with their mental health, their entire health tends to decline. Even if they are doing economically well, that doesn’t mean they are happy. That is why the United Nations established International Day of Happiness, which recognizes happiness as a universal goal for people globally. Join us in celebrating on March 20th this year.

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