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9 Signs You Need Anger Management Therapy

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Anger is a normal human emotion that can even be beneficial at times, but knowing when too much is enough is the key to not having anger issues. Having anger problems not only affects the people around you but has also been proven to affect you as well. Below, we’ll look into signs that you may need therapy for anger management and how to get the professional help you need.

What are signs that you need anger management?

When looking into whether you need anger management therapy or not, there are signs that you should look for. There are ways to deal with anger once you’re aware of the signs. However, showing multiple signs may mean you need to consider anger management. Below is a list of common problems you may face when dealing with uncontrolled anger.

Short temper

Having a short temper means that you’re quick to have angry feelings. This type of anger comes quickly and most of the time without good reasoning. Having a short temper is like being mad over spilled milk.

Mood swings

Brown eggs with faces showing different moods drawn on them to represent mood swings.

If you feel like your mood has been like a light switch lately, you may be experiencing mood swings. Mood swings are rapidly changing moods that can coincide with a short temper. Once something happens, it shifts your mood immediately and you experience angry feelings.

Anger leads to violence

If you find yourself becoming angry on a daily basis, it could lead to violent or aggressive behavior eventually. When anger outbursts happen so quickly, many people lose control and lash out. This outburst can come in many different ways, from violence toward another person to destruction and vandalism of property.

People avoid you when youโ€™re angry

If you’ve noticed that when you get upset, people tend to avoid you, you may need anger management. When people feel like they can’t talk to you because of your angry behavior or avoid you in stressful situations, it’s a good indication that your anger has gotten out of control.

Easily triggered

Everyone has triggers that they experience when it comes to anger. However, if you find yourself becoming triggered at every corner it’s time to look into therapy for anger.

Anger is affecting your relationships

A man who's in anger management therapy stands beside a lake with his significant other.

When you begin to lose friends and loved ones because of your anger it can be devastating. Having these anger issues can have a negative impact on your personal relationships, and prevent you from forming new relationships.


Being aggressive isn’t always a bad thing. If you find yourself constantly dealing with aggressive behavior and feelings, however, it may be a sign of a deeper anger problem.

Frequent fits of anger or rage

Similar to constant mood swings, you may also find yourself having emotional outbursts and fits of rage that aren’t related to anything specific.

Trouble calming down

Frequently, if you don’t know how to manage anger, you’ll experience issues with calming down. When deep breathing exercises or going for a walk doesn’t seem to calm your anger, it may be time to seek professional help from a mental health specialist.

Learn how to control anger with Lifeworks

If reading through these symptoms resonates with you, it may be time to speak to a professional. Anger therapy is a wonderful way to overcome anger problems that you may be experiencing. At Lifeworks Counseling Center, we can work closely with you to sort through your anger with anger management counseling. Reach out to us today to learn more about anger management therapy.

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