5 Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day If You’re Single

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5-ways-to-enjoy-valentines-day-if-youre-single-lifeworks-counseling-centerValentine’s Day is a holiday for couples who want to celebrate their love and relationship, but if you are single this can be one of the most miserable days of the year. Many people call Valentine’s Day “couples awareness day” for a reason, as the days – even weeks – leading up the holiday are filled with ads aimed at lovebirds. However, not everyone is in a relationship – and that’s OK. We should never be made to feel bad about ourselves for being single on Valentine’s Day, yet that is seemingly what happens year after year. It can be difficult to pry yourself away from social media and all the outward displays of love and romance, but it is important to do so. If you are single on Valentine’s Day, take a step back and be kind to yourself. This shouldn’t be a holiday that makes you wallow in your misfortune, but should rather teach you to practice self-love and respect for yourself. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being single, contrary to how you may feel.

Your relationship status certainly shouldn’t hold you back from celebrating Valentine’s Day, if that is something you wish to do. There are plenty of ways you can make the most out of February 14th without a significant other. Many people opt to spend this day with their closest friends, celebrating the love and joy they bring to your life. Hey, good friends are just as important as a romantic partner, so why not celebrate this relationship?! You can also choose to make this day all about yourself by taking the time to shower yourself with love and kindness. This can come in many different forms, from buying yourself that dress you’ve been eyeing to scheduling a spa day or finally opening that 2001 Burgundy you’ve been saving for a special occasion. With that in mind, here are five ways you can celebrate Valentine’s Day if you are single:

  • Plan a special dinner with your friends or family – Get dressed up, plan a decadent meal, and invite your closest friends and family over for a celebration of the love you have for one another. While the media has turned this holiday into one that is all about showering your romantic partner with overpriced roses, chocolate, and teddy bears, it should be about the love you share with everyone in your life.
  • Spoil yourself – If you are feeling down on Valentine’s Day because you are single, go ahead and spoil yourself. This doesn’t have to be anything over-the-top – but it certainly could! Master the art of happiness and self-love by doing something that makes you feel special and loved. Self-love is important for many reasons, including the fact that it will set you up for a healthy relationship.
  • Have some fun – Instead of sitting home and feeling sorry for your single self on Valentine’s Day, get out of the house and have some fun! Plan a day of fun in advance, either by yourself or with your single friends, so you have something to look forward to when February 14th rears its ugly head.
  • Be kind to others – The simplest action like sharing a smile with a stranger or offering a helpful gesture to someone will undoubtedly stir feelings of love and gratitude for yourself. Expressing kindness actually releases loving hormones like endorphins, so it is important to practice kindness every day, but especially Valentine’s Day.
  • Dote on your pets – If you have pets, one way to make yourself feel better on Valentine’s Day when you are single is to dote on them and shower them with love. They may not be people, but they bring an extreme amount of love and joy to our lives, and that is something to be celebrated.

Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a depressing day. Do something nice for yourself and practice self-love, if nothing else. If you are feeling down or are in need of counseling, please contact Lifeworks and schedule an appointment with one of our Dallas therapists.

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