The pain survival guide

The Pain Survival Guide: How to Reclaim Your Life

If you suffer from chronic pain, this proven 10-step program brings hope and relief, showing you how gradual changes in specific behaviors can lead to great improvements in your ability to cope. Psychologists Turk and Winters’ recommendations are based on solid research that shows what works and on their success with thousands of patients. Unlike the authors of other pain books, they promise no miracle cures, but they do help you learn “not to let your body push you around” so life becomes enjoyable again. The key lessons in this book include

  • Uncovering some of the myths about pain and the deceptive ways it fools your body into unconstructive behavior
  • Pacing your activity, so you build strength without overdoing or underdoing it
  • Learning how to induce deep relaxation so you can begin to enjoy life again
  • Dealing with disturbed sleep and chronic fatigue
  • Improving your relations with family and friends, and soliciting support
  • Changing your habitual behaviors in ways that reduce pain
  • Combating the negative thinking that often accompanies pain
  • Regaining your self-confidence and trust in yourself
  • The power of goal-setting and humor
  • Dealing with the inevitable relapses and setbacks once improvement has set in

Workbook exercises, behavior logs, and suggested readings help you integrate these lessons into your daily life and learn to live well despite pain.



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