Extraordinary A New Way of Thinking Relationships

Extraordinary Relationships: A New Way of Thinking About Human Interaction

Relationships—how people who are important to each other interact—may be the most important area for human understanding today. They are of prime importance in determining our quality of life and even health. They have a huge impact on productivity and efficiency in the workplace. They start and stop wars between nations.

“Extraordinary Relationships”, based upon the observations and theory developed by Dr. Murray Bowen, shows us how emotions affect relationships and how to work on our own part of any relationship—the only part we have the power to change.

Through this work, the relationship goes on to a higher level, where people report more closeness and cooperation, and a greater degree of relationship success.

This important and groundbreaking book, first published in 1992, offers an easily understood explanation of Bowen’s ideas that have helped thousands of people. It is a blueprint to better relationships that shows how the principles of family systems theory can be used in all areas of life, including marriage, friendships, extended family relationships, single life, workplace relationships, as well as improving one’s own self concept.

“A perfect and unpretentious primer of family relationships. . . a relief to read.” Dr. Walter Toman, Professor Emeritus, Erlanget-Nurnberg University, Germany, and author of Family Constellation.



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