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How to Know if You Need Anger Management?

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how-to-know-if-you-need-anger-management-lifeworksMany people – both men and women – struggle with anger management issues in today’s hectic world. Whether your inner rage stems from something that happened in your childhood, a chemical imbalance, or something other root cause, it is important you take the initiative and seek help. According to recent studies, one out of five people in the United States suffers from anger management issues.

This may come as a surprise to many, but for others it is all-too-real. While violent compulsive behaviors often define anger management issues, there are many other behavioral traits that may indicate someone is dealing with anger. These types of behaviors are often cyclical, which means that the angry explosions or verbal/physical abuse is followed by behaviors that overcompensate for the bad actions.

When trying to determine if you or someone you love has anger issues and could benefit from anger management, it is important to look inward and be honest with yourself. Here are a few patterns or signs that may indicate someone has an anger issue:

  • Criticizing or belittling others
  • Lack of patience
  • Short temper
  • Irritability
  • Blaming others for everything
  • Name-calling
  • Shut down or withdraw when experiencing feelings of anger
  • Avoided by others
  • Loved ones are afraid to talk to you
  • Loved ones feel as if they are “walking on eggshells” when around you
  • Loved ones describe you as having two different sides or even split personalities

These are just a few common signs that you may have an anger issue and could benefit from therapy or help in some other capacity. Many people with anger issues are quick to get angry and get frustrated at the littlest things. There are often triggers that may set someone off and into this cyclical behavior. Becoming physically violent or verbally abusive is also quite common in those who have anger issues. While these behavioral patterns may vary depending on the person, if someone who exhibits violent behavior feels justified when they act out, there may be a deep seeded problem that should be addressed.

We’ve looked at some of the most common patterns of those with anger issues, but how do you really know if you need anger management? If you or someone you love displays the following behaviors, we encourage you to contact our Dallas counseling center and allow us to help you deal with your anger:

  • Thinks about aggressive acts of violence
  • Often finds themselves in a situation where they become agitated or violent
  • Has road rage
  • Has negative thoughts on a regular basis
  • Becomes physically violent when angry
  • Thrives in dramatic or violent situations
  • Using violence to control others
  • Is easily frustrated with others
  • Never feels content or satisfied
  • Refuses to accept they have anger issues

Our Carrollton therapy center aims to help people overcome negative behaviors and improve their overall quality of life. To learn more about how we may be able to help you with your anger management issues, please contact Lifeworks today.

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