How to conquer your fears

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HOW TO CONQUER YOUR FEARSWe all fear something, small or big, and we all have our ways of dealing with our fears. But, what if the fear overcomes us to a point you can’t move or think straight? Playing a worst-case scenario in your head does not make you crazy or paranoid, but is a part of identifying a fear and then figuring out how to avoid it. Better yet, get rid of the fear.

When you have spent enough time dwelling, and then unable to find a solution on your own, it may be time to seek professional help. There is no need to continue feeling agonized by your fears and learning to live with them. Acknowledging that you have a fear is very brave and an important part of healing. This may seem obvious, however, at times we do not really know what we are afraid of. Hence, a fear can mask something we feel deeper.

After identification, the goal is to understand the fear. Our psychologists use the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to tackle your anxieties and then combating your physical response. Yes, a part of getting over your fear may include exposing you to it. This is a case by case situation. If you have this fear against being attacked in an ally, we won’t put you in harm’s way.

Instead, a milder form of exposure, like being in a small space alone may be a part of your therapy. The therapeutic process can be long and tiring, so stay positive. Also, a part of the process will be helping you manage your stress. Stress can induce a lot of feelings, including our worst fears. Some healthy ways to reduce stress are exercising, meditating, and lessening the things in your life that cause tension.

This part of counseling also requires something of you that you may find difficult – be brave. Fears have a way of making us feel scared and uncourageous. Becoming courageous is from practice, just like building muscle or memorizing something. Psychological research has shown that courage is an ethical habit which we develop by repeated acts of bravery. Powerful stuff, no?

Nobody is helpless or hopeless, especially not when they begin the therapeutic process to overcome their fears. Another methodology used is cognitive restructuring that helps repair your so-called faulty way of thinking through talking; confrontation will lead to destruction and that is the goal.

When you embark on this journey to conquer your fears, it may be long, so the work will be gradual. Very rarely, if ever, does someone get it all figured out right away or overnight. As part of the continuing effort to overcome your fears, we can also try a method call modelling. In modelling, the goal is to observe or spend time with someone who knows the ins and outs of your fear.

Let’s defeat your fears together. If you are looking for a therapist or a psychologist in the Carrolton and Dallas, Texas area, contact us today.

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