NFL Players and Mental Health

Playing in the NFL Isn’t Just Harmful on Your Body But Also Your Mental Health As the dust has settled on Super Bowl LIV and the NFL season, the glitz and glamour of the American gridiron have begun to fade until the start of the next season. NFL players are given time to relax and decompress until the offseason begins. This period of recovery is not only necessary for players’ bodies, as they spend weeks hitting each other at full speed, but also players’ minds. In recent years, players’ mental health has become a priority for many fans, owners, and players. Concussions have been a significant cause for concern for many current NFL players, as well as parents of young children playing the game. The NFL has made an effort to help NFL players, past and present, with their mental health with the creation of Player’s Trust. Additionally, in 2019, the NFL began requiring teams to have a mental health professional in building for the players and coaches to utilize. Unfortunately, the very nature of the game often leads to increased risks for mental illness. In 2002, Dr. Bennet Omalu was the first person to discover chronic traumatic encephalopathy, commonly…

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Enjoying Valentine’s Day While Single

Valentine’s Day isn’t Just for Couples and People in Love We have officially entered February. As the year moves forward, this month contains a particularly popular holiday: Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is synonymous with romance and spending the day with your significant other. Wine is drunk, chocolate is eaten, cards are given, and love is shared. While this is an exciting holiday for those in committed relationships, it’s hardly a day single people look forward to. For those not in a relationship, Valentine’s Day and the days leading up to the holiday remind them that they are single. It can be very difficult for people not in relationships to enjoy themselves or be happy around this time of year. But it is far from impossible. While Valentine’s Day is historically a holiday celebrating the intimate love shared between two people, it can also be a day to love friends, family, and, above all else, yourself. Lifeworks Counseling Center is here to help you enjoy Valentine’s Day while single. You may find out that you love this holiday, after all. Celebrate Your Friends and Family Like we said before, Valentine’s Day is a day for sharing love with those you care…

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Can Smartphone-Addicted Parents Hurt Childhood Development?

Parents Should Limit Their Smartphone Use In today’s digital world, parents across the country are aware of the impact digital devices have on their children. However, hardly anyone recognizes how harmful parents being on their smartphone may be to their children and their development. After all, young children are very perceptive of what their parents are doing. They often crave the attention of their parents. Children learn and develop important social and cognitive skills from interactions with their parents. However, these interactions are often disrupted. Not by digital device use from children, but from digital device use by parents. That’s right. Smartphone-addicted parents may be harming their child’s development. Even though today’s parents spend more time with their children than before, they don’t give them the attention they need. While they may be physically present, but they aren’t emotionally present. Parent-child communication is crucial to a child’s development. Without it, they can’t effectively develop the social, cognitive, and behavioral skills needed to be a happy and successful adult. This isn’t to say that using digital devices is 100% safe for children, but to argue that parents’ screen use is an underappreciated problem. Today, Lifeworks Counseling Center is here to shed…

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What to Expect in Couples Counseling

Couples Counseling Has Proven to Be Effective No two couples are the same. Each has its share of problems and issues. Some of these issues may become so large and unavoidable that you and your partner decide it’s best to seek couples counseling. This decision is not an easy one, either. For most couples, it can be daunting. People don’t like the idea of being completely open and vulnerable with a complete stranger. However, more and more couples are beginning to see the benefits of couples counseling. Research has shown that roughly 75% of couples have seen significant improvements to their relationships after going through couples counseling, using Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT). Couples seek out counseling for many reasons. For some, they have the same argument over and over without ever reaching a solution. Others may experience the exact opposite and never fight, constantly ignoring their problems. Some couples may not have any obvious issues and just want to see if their relationship is healthy. Regardless, couples counseling can do wonders for you and your partner. The team of specialists at Lifeworks Counseling Center possesses the tools and techniques necessary to help you and your partner navigate your relationship in a…

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Can a New Year Help Your Mental Health?

Make Your Mental Health a Priority this New Year With the year winding down and the holidays over, people are swiftly preparing themselves for the start of a new year. People often take the new year as a time to proverbially “start over.” We aren’t saying they intend on beginning a brand-new life, but they set goals for themselves to accomplish within the new year. New Year’s Resolutions are incredibly popular for millions of people across the globe. Some of the most popular resolutions are based on physical health, such as exercising and eating right, but the new year can also be a time to work on your mental health. If you do struggle with mental illness, it’s important to remember that the new year doesn’t mean your life is completely different than it was the year before. Thinking that a new year is a time to start over can be counterintuitive, placing an unnecessary burden on individuals to make huge lifestyle changes. While the new year is not a clean start, it can be a time to inspire you to make changes and create resolutions for yourself that work to improve your mental health. However, it’s important to be…

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December 28th – National Call a Friend Day

Reaching Out to Friend Over the Holidays Goes a Long Way With the year coming to a close, many people find themselves busier than usual. December traditionally means the holiday season is well underway. You may be busy shopping for all of your loved ones, planning holiday parties, decorating your home, and much more. Many families are also traveling for the holidays, taking several days to go visit their friends and families for Christmas. Right after Christmas, we have New Year’s Eve! Countless individuals spend a great deal of their time playing elaborate New Year’s Eve parties and festivities to share with those closest to them. Even many businesses are incredibly busy this time of year. If you work in retail, you’ll know how hectic the holiday season can be with so many people doing their Christmas shopping. However, other businesses are just as busy. They typically spend a lot of time closing out all of their tasks for the remainder of the year. They are also getting their business ready for the start of a brand-new year. With so much going on, it can be incredibly difficult to keep up with everyone. The holiday season is incredibly hectic with…

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How Winter Affects Your Mood

Winter Often Negatively Impacts Many People’s Moods As the year comes to a close, winter is quickly approaching. Many people enjoy this time of year, while many can’t stand it. However, your mental health may be affected as the days get shorter, and the weather gets colder. Many people don’t understand just how much of an effect the weather can have on your mood. The changes in temperature and sunshine can have unexpected results for many people. While the winter is a time for joy thanks to the holiday season, many people see their mental health negatively impacted. According to the Cleveland Clinic, roughly half a million people in the United States suffer from a condition known as seasonal affective disorder. Another 10 to 20% suffer from a milder condition called the “winter blues.” Even though these conditions are uncommon, they can still drastically affect your quality of life during the winter. Lifeworks Counseling Center is here to help you understand how winter can affect your mood and mental health. The Effects on Your Body In the winter, the days are much shorter than they were during the summertime. While this change may not seem significant in the grand scheme…

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Veterans and Mental Health

Mental Illness Often Plagues Those in the Military Even though the United States has made an effort to increase awareness and support for those struggling with mental illness, more and more people still struggle with their mental health. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that one in five adults in the U.S. lives with a mental illness, equaling as much as 46.6 million Americans. Unfortunately, that number continues to rise. Mental illness can affect anyone from any demographic. One particular group that does not receive the attention they deserve is veterans. In a recent report from a Veterans Affairs analysis, the rate of veterans’ suicides continues to rise, reporting a 6.1% increase in the number of suicide deaths from 2005 to 2017. While this number may not seem large, it’s important to know that the number of veterans in the United States continues to decrease as older generations get age. This population dropped 18% from 2005 to 2017. With the Veteran population getting smaller, and Veteran suicides increasing, this statistic is alarming. With Veterans Day approaching on November 11th, the team at Lifeworks Counseling Center would like to increase awareness on the growing struggles of mental illness within the…

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How Sports Affects Your Mental Health

Sports Have a Positive Impact on Your Mental Health Sports have become an integral part of Americans’ lives, from their days as youths engaging in team sports to becoming dedicated professional sports fans. As you progress through school, playing sports has become a coming of age moment for many. Many parents often played sports in their youth and encourage their young ones to play, as well. The physical health benefits for playing sports and exercising are well documented, including: Maintaining a healthy weight Building strong bones and muscles Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol Reducing the risk of heart disease And much more While many of us are quite aware of the obvious physical benefits organized sports have on your body, sports’ effects on your mental health are often overlooked or just not mentioned. However, the impact on your mental health is quite large, extending throughout your entire life. Lifeworks Counseling Center is here to explain just how powerful participating in organized sports can be for you and your loved ones. Provides Social Connections One of the greatest things that sports offer you is the chance to interact with other people. Humans are inherently social beings. We strive to make social…

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October 10th: World Mental Health Day

Anyone Can Help Spread Awareness for Mental Health We all know how important taking care of one’s health is. Being sick can cause you to miss work or school. It can even affect how well you can complete everyday tasks like cooking, cleaning, and more. While it is incredibly important to make sure your body is healthy, it is equally as important to make sure that your mind is healthy as well. That is why the World Federation for Mental Health (WFMH) established October 10th as World Mental Health Day. On this day, you can join others who advocate for mental health awareness with the hopes of improving the mental health of people all across the globe. Mental health struggles can affect anyone, regardless of their race, gender, religion, or sexual orientation. WFMH established World Mental Health Day to educate those around the world about mental health and advocate against the social stigma surrounding mental illness. 2019 Theme: Suicide Prevention This year the WFMH has chosen to make suicide prevention World Mental Health Day’s theme. Suicide has been a constant throughout most of history. However, due to complex reasons, the rates of suicides throughout the world continue to increase to…

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