Drug Management Therapy for Teens

There are a lot of reasons why teenagers turn to drugs. Whether it’s peer pressure, experimentation, curiosity, stress, depression, boredom, rebellion, problems at home or at school, or a combination of the above, unfortunately, it does happen. Once it has happened though, what is most important is making sure it doesn’t become a habit, addiction, or regular occurrence. If it is past that point and it has become a recurring thing, there is no reason to give up hope, and one of the best decisions you can make as a parent is to give them the option to talk to somebody about it. They may be hesitant at first towards the idea, but the realization will soon come, that regardless, it is nice having someone to talk to about what they are going through and how they are feeling. Some of the habits/addictions that teens struggle with can include the following: Alcohol abuse Smoking/Nicotine use Marijuana Synthetic Marijuana Other Illicit drug abuse Salvia Adderall Narcotics Xanax Hydrocodone Other prescription drugs abuse Here are some tips as to how you should handle it if you believe or know that your child is struggling with one of the above… Talk to them…

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How to leave an abusive relationship

Abuse can be physical, mental, emotional, verbal, or sexual, and often a combination. And just because you aren’t being physically hit, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t a victim of abusive behavior. Words that cause mental and emotional anguish are also consistent with an abusive relationship, as is being with someone who is excessively jealous, or someone who is excessively controlling. One of the number one things a person who isn’t in, or who hasn’t been in an abusive relationship will inquire about in regards to someone who is, is why don’t you just leave the relationship? But, people who aren’t in the situation usually fail to understand what it is like, and how difficult it can be to just up and leave for the person that’s involved. So, why is it so difficult for someone in an abusive relationship to get out? Many times, in severe cases, it’s fear. Fear of the abuser, or fear of being alone. And it can be difficult for some people to understand, but many times, the person either doesn’t fully know or acknowledge consciously that they are in an abusive situation, or they are in denial and justify their partner’s abusive actions. This…

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How to increase your low self esteem

Our self esteem is very intently linked with our happiness. When you have low self esteem, it affects how you are able to be you. It doesn’t allow for your true self to shine through. Sometimes we become used to living a life with no confidence and low self-esteem, but whenever we get a small kick or boost, we realize the difference it makes in our overall well-being. There are different levels of low self-esteem, ranging from severe to mild, but the emotional symptoms are similar, just different in terms of severity. If you have low self-esteem, you may not value yourself, or perceive yourself as worthy or good. Let’s look at a few of the common feelings that go through the mind of someone with low self esteem: You don’t feel worthy, you’re not good enough You feel unassertive or indecisive You don’t like yourself, you may even hate yourself You always feel at fault, even when you aren’t to blame You feel guilty for doing anything nice for yourself You aren’t able to pinpoint your strengths and good qualities You feel like you are not deserving of happiness You don’t feel like you have any confidence Your self…

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Signs you’re in an unhealthy relationship

The problem with unhealthy relationships, is sometimes we are in them, and we don’t even realize it. We don’t even realize how much we are hurting; or that deep down we are constantly in a numbing state of pain. The thing we tend to forget, is what it’s like to be happy, or we forget or don’t realize that love isn’t supposed to feel this way. When you are with someone for a while, you can become quite desensitized to the unhealthy signs, and sometimes you may not even realize how truly unhappy you are. You tend to justify the unhappy feelings with how much you love them or how much they love you, or you justify the bad times with the “good” times. There are all different levels of unhealthy in relationships, from a lack of respect to abuse. But the most important thing, is to make sure you are not in a relationship where you are mentally or physically abused. Let’s take a look at some of the signs that you may be in an unhealthy relationship, and may be in need of relationship therapy in Carrolton… They try and control you If your partner often tries to…

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Can a person be cured of depression?

Suffering from depression can encompass quite a hopeless feeling. It may seem you are never going to feel better or normal again. And sometimes, as soon as you start feeling better, you start anticipating for the overwhelming feeling to once again come over you. It is quite common for depression to be a reoccurring disorder, but it is also possible for it to diminish, and every so often, it is possible for it to be completely absent. Depression isn’t something to be taken lightly, as it can have a very large impact on one’s life. It can make you feel like you just can’t do anything. Depression can make it so that it is just a hard task to get out of bed in the morning. Many people think they are alone when it comes to suffering from depression, but depression is a more common occurrence than most people know. In 2012, 16 million U.S. adults suffered from at least one major depressive episode, while 350 million people worldwide are reported to suffer from depression. The numbers have actually only continued to increase as well over time. And one of the biggest problems, is that many people are failing to…

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How to manage work related stress

Whether the job you have is the one that you planned on since the day you were asked as a child, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” or just a job to pay the bills and take care of your family, work can be stressful. And stress is felt differently and at different levels for each person. Some people are much more sensitive to become anxious than others, and sometimes it can be difficult to manage. Deadlines, responsibilities, co-workers, clients, funds, the various aspects that can become overwhelming are endless. Stress can not only cause us mental and emotional anguish, but what many people don’t realize that it can also affect you physically. Since stress is somewhat of an unavoidable entity, it’s important that we at least know how to deal with it properly. According to the AIS, 40% of workers reported their jobs were either very or extremely stressful, while about 80% of workers reported feeling stress on the job, and almost half of those respondents said they need help in learning how to manage the stress. It only seems that over time, the stress in the workplace is growing, and unless you’re lucky enough…

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How to move on after a traumatic event

After one endures a traumatizing incident in their life, it can be extremely difficult to know how to move on. Many people experience a feeling that they are living in a dream, or rather, a nightmare, and just can’t seem to wake themselves up. Experiencing traumatic stress after a traumatic incident, is entirely normal, and you shouldn’t feel alone when you are experiencing the stress that follows said incident. Many people out there have gone through similar things, and even if it was a different type of incident they experienced, many times, the traumatic stress symptoms that follow are similar, if not the same. What is a traumatic event? Traumatic events vary, as the trauma that is endured, and felt, and the post stress is subjective among different people. Some examples of traumatic incidents include: Natural disasters Car accidents Shootings Finding out you have a life-threatening illness An assault (physical assault, sexual assault, robbery, mugging) Bereavement Military combat Terrorist attacks After a traumatic experience, many people fall into a shock like state, which is very normal. One may experience a mental numbness, a distance with reality, or an inability to accept what has happened. There can be a battle of…

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How Cheating Can Affect Your Future Relationships

Cheating in a relationship has many effects on a couple, but also the relationships the person cheated on pursues thereafter. Our Lifeworks counseling centers in Carrolton and Dallas, Texas work with couples and individuals who have been acutely or chronically been impacted by cheating. The healing process is different for an individual, and also there are different forms of cheating people experience. When you have been a victim of cheating, do not expect to be completely “okay” and yourself right away. The pain you will experience in the moment of realization is one you should embrace and allow yourself to completely endure. Afterwards, when you find yourself in a new relationship, or even the same one, do not expect everything to be the same. Being in a position where you have learned not to take trusting someone for granted will open you up to paranoia and, possibly, less fulfilling connections. We also do not advise that you hide or run away from the fact of the matter. Now, there is no need to make it your Facebook status, however, there is solace in accepting that someone you cared about deeply was unfaithful. There will come a time when you may…

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Paranoia and how to overcome it

It can be easy to confuse paranoia and fear. To an extent the two are very similar, nevertheless, paranoia is driven from suspicion. It starts by acts performed by other people whose motives are driven to you as hostile. Some people cannot independently diagnose themselves as paranoid, and usually, a therapist does that. When this happens, it means that you are interpreting malevolence when in actuality there is none. Whether you feel paranoid about someone leaving the gas on in your house or someone messing with the brakes on your car, your judgement and train of thought have been compromised. One of the main reasons why overcoming paranoia is in your best interest is because you may find yourself harming yourself or innocent people because of your beliefs. Paranoia may also lead to you not seeking medical intervention when it is necessary, i.e. fear of the doctors conspiring to turn you in to the FBI. The feelings and beliefs associated with paranoia often times lead to isolation and emotional segregation from loved ones. On the other extreme, the paranoia can become shared or transferred to others, which can be devastating. The process to overcoming your paranoia entails recognizing when you…

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How to conquer your fears

We all fear something, small or big, and we all have our ways of dealing with our fears. But, what if the fear overcomes us to a point you can’t move or think straight? Playing a worst-case scenario in your head does not make you crazy or paranoid, but is a part of identifying a fear and then figuring out how to avoid it. Better yet, get rid of the fear. When you have spent enough time dwelling, and then unable to find a solution on your own, it may be time to seek professional help. There is no need to continue feeling agonized by your fears and learning to live with them. Acknowledging that you have a fear is very brave and an important part of healing. This may seem obvious, however, at times we do not really know what we are afraid of. Hence, a fear can mask something we feel deeper. After identification, the goal is to understand the fear. Our psychologists use the cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to tackle your anxieties and then combating your physical response. Yes, a part of getting over your fear may include exposing you to it. This is a case by…

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