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5 Keys to a Successful Relationship

By May 18, 2017 One Comment

5 KEYS TO A SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPGoing to couple’s therapy can be a stressful decision. But, our therapy centers in Dallas and Carrolton, Texas, are specialized to your couple needs. Today we want to discuss with you some key ideas on how to maintain a successful relationship. To help better understand, we have condensed the keys into five main topics – positivity, empathy, commitment, acceptance, and mutual love and respect. These five topics are further emphasized by proper and continuous communication. Many couples feel that they are alone when they start questioning their relationship, but they are not alone.

Approximately fifty percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce, defying the phrase, “happily ever after.” Yet, marriage continues to be an important goal for most people, with an overwhelming ninety percent of adults getting married at least once in their life. Initially, all couples aspire to creating an excellent married life, and then things may change and life happens. All relationships change over time.

To begin the conversation about a successful relationship, we start with positivity. Experts have found the main difference between stable and unstable relationships is the amount of positive thoughts and actions people have towards each other. If there is too much negativity, criticizing, demanding, name-calling, and holding grudges, the relationship will suffer. On the other hand, without any negativity, it may mean that frustrations and grievances are leading to unresolved tension between the partners. Hence, the key is balance between the two extremes.

Next is empathy, another characteristic of a happy relationship. Empathy means understanding a person’s perception by putting oneself, in their shoes. Researchers have shown that empathy is important for relationship satisfaction. People are more likely to feel good about their marriage and partner if their partner expresses empathy towards them. Husbands and wives are more content in their relationships when they perceive that their spouses truthfully recognize their thoughts and feelings.

Commitment is the key that is the foundation of a successful marriage, it involves both spouses’ in the relationship. When two people are truly devoted to making their marriage work, despite the inevitable challenges and obstacles, they are more likely to have a relationship that can lead to a “happily ever after.” However, in the Western cultures, individualism is highly valued, focusing on the needs and fulfillment of one self. Though being attentive to one’s own needs is important, but without balance can lead to selfishness in a marriage. Spouses who are committed to investing in their marriage and compromising for the good of the relationship will have high-quality marriages.

One of the core needs in a relationship is acceptance. When people feel that their loved one truly accepts them for who they are, they are more secure and confident in their relationships. Conflict in relationships can arise because people cannot accept each other and try to demand change from one another. When one person tries to force change from another, they are usually met with resistance. Still, research has shown that change is much more likely to occur when people respect differences and accept each other unconditionally as they are right now.

Lastly, a successful relationship needs mutual love and respect for each other. This seems like a very apparent key, but the truth is, as time passes and life becomes increasingly intricate, the marriage often suffers. It is easy for spouses to lose touch with each other and neglect the love and romance. It is vital that husbands and wives continue to cultivate love and respect for each other throughout their lives together. In the end, if they do, it is highly likely that their relationships will remain happy and satisfying.

If you have any questions on couple’s therapy or building a successful relationship in Dallas or Carrolton, Texas, contact us today at Lifeworks.

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