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Our lives and relationships can be challenging and seem overwhelming, we often just want to be heard, understood, and supported. There are times in our lives we feel this need more deeply. And for some of us, our journey has been so challenging we may not remember the feeling of support or understanding. Fortunately, you do not have to navigate this alone. Partnering with a professional counselor can help you feel stronger, heal pains from the past, handle strong emotions like sadness, fear, grief, or anger, cope with your struggles, and identify and move toward your goals.

Jennifer Crisp is a Licensed Professional Counselor with a M.Ed. of School Counseling and a Professional Certificate in Counseling and Development from Lamar University. Coming from 30 years working in an Educational setting, Jennifer has extensive experience working with school-age children and their parents, as well as adolescents, their parents, and other adults.

Her work has primarily focused on clients experiencing struggles such as, but not limited to: anxiety, depression, self-esteem, behavior, emotional dysregulation, identity, grief, trauma, and supporting clients in the LGBTQ+ community. Jennifer has considerable experience working with parents and children needing support with their relationships, and the challenges and uncertainties parenting and raising children can bring. Jennifer believes therapy should be a partnership based on trust and comfort, which allows you to be vulnerable to share your fears and touch feelings. Her therapeutic approach is client-centered, led by the clients’ needs, experiences, and goals. She utilizes an eclectic approach of Solution Focused, Cognitive-Behavioral, and Narrative Therapy. Jennifer believes knowledge brings understanding and helps each client through psychoeducational.

With children and adolescents, their understanding of the world and experiences come through play and activities. Jennifer strongly emphasizes play therapy and sand tray therapy to explore the issues children and adolescents face.

She is committed to working together to identify strategies that allow you to address your difficulties, learn to overcome and/or cope with your stressors, and move forward with support and confidence to live well and be able to take your next best step.

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